Meet Shocky, my Siamese Fighter

// January 9th, 2010 // Photography

Siamese Fighter

Update: R.I.P Shocky. We tripped.

4 Responses to “Meet Shocky, my Siamese Fighter”

  1. Nandhini says:

    This is my most favourite colour combination. This red and this green! I felt there is more shade on shocky. The brightness on red could have been increased. But I understand every artist has his own perception. Would you mind if I use this pic to reproduce a painting?

    Oh….read the update.Sad.

  2. The Sorcerer says:

    Yeah I had 2 of them (separately)- moonrock and starfire. Great breed, good personality. When I switch the TV on, it keeps on looking at it and sort of “purs” when I put my finger in and tries to jump and grab food when I am putting one in.

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