38 thoughts on “Experiments with HDR

  1. The first one is brilliant man. The second one is awesome too but for your terrace in the picture :). Maybe you could cut that off when you edit.

  2. amazing pics buddy!!! … just hopped in to remind of that which i had written in the indiblogger forum couple of weeks back … remember?
    indiblogger network widget like twitter mosaic … when do we get those?

  3. @Anwin Thanks man… I actually have a picture without the terrace – but I feel this has more depth…

    Everyone else, thank you very much…. am in Ooty right now looking for stuff I can HDR! 🙂

    @shoobayan Yep , I remember the network widget…. we’ve got a few other major tasks in our dev timeline before we come to this one. A couple of weeks!

  4. Firstly, I used to wonder who came up with the idea of indiblogger. Its a killer idea. And here I am.. writing a comment on his blog 🙂 What an idea sirji!! Hats/tail/head… everything off 😀

    Secondly, Thanks so much for promoting my entry in Indivine. Thats one entry which is the closest to my heart.

    And lastly, You have an amazing eye for details and an amazing camera 🙂 Beautiiiiful shots!!! I have special affinity for sunsets and sunrises and even I hv collected few shots of mine. Its not of great quality as urs but I still feel happy to see them 🙂

  5. omg. amazing job on that one. i never knew the sky could really look like that,since the delhi sky is all grey and obscure always all throughout the year.

    i am happy i feasted my eyes on such exotic pictures.



  6. WOW its so nice that you live so near to the beach! I miss my Chennai days. It is interesting to note that in the first pic, its the merging of the blue and yellow sky whereas in the second its the partition between them. Appreciate your skills Renie!

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