Was Jesus Christ black?

Does it really matter? Apparently there’s a lot of noise about the upcoming movie “Color of the Cross“. Less people less Idiots says it all here:

I’ve heard so many Christians say how tolerant we are in this country when faced with offenses towards Christianity, and how completely intolerant Muslims are when they are confronted with the same situation. Why is it then that any time a movie comes out that in some way attempts to deal with the story of Christ that such a massive ruckus occurs? Is this a case of a director calling Jesus black, or the pot calling the kettle black?

Then there’s the issue of why does this really matter to anyone, and why 2000 years later there would be such a stir over his skin color. Jesus transcended race, and his teachings were left for all people of all races to largely sit back and ignore. So as far as I am concerned, no matter which side of the argument you may fall on in this matter, an obsession regarding Christ skin color, only serves to prove that the person obsessing over it is dealing with some serious personal prejudices.

2 thoughts on “Was Jesus Christ black?

  1. yes hell we do, religion keeps the nuts off the street and out of my yard. your point is well taken, and really we do not need organized religion, but i do think some form of spirituality is desired and perhaps one of the things we lack these days. hell gardening might qualify, get some spiritual force going in your life. just keep it the hell out of my life and business and we all do just fine.

    now if you must have an organized religion i volunteer to collect the money you send in, and i will be extremely careful spending it.

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