Google blog hacked

This must’ve been embarrassing for them to admit to!

A bug in Blogger enabled an unauthorized user to make a fake post on the Google Blog last night, claiming that we’ve discontinued our AdWords click-to-call test. The bug was fixed quickly and the post removed.

View official post

Here’s a copy of the fake post:

Google Click-to-Call project cancelled
By Maximal
After concientiously considering, Google has decided not to continue with Google Click-to-call project. The project has been in the media on last days because of the notice of Google agreement with e-Bay. We finally consider click-to-call agreement with e-Bay a monopolistic aproach that would damage small companies in the CRM area.
This message has been translated using Google language tools.

This Maximal chap must be in hacker nirvana after seeing Google’s post. Wonder why he decided to pick on the click-to-call project though.

Apparently, this isn’t the first time their blog went down. The last time, someone at Google accidentally deleted the entire blog. Wonder if he/she still works there.

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