Another HDR at my favourite spot

HDR at the farm, Nagercoil

This has always been my favourite spot to get good HDRs – at the farm in Nagercoil. Good skies and great lighting. I’m certain I’ve not topped my first HDR shot here, but I quite like this nevertheless!

18 thoughts on “Another HDR at my favourite spot

  1. Oh my bloddy damn DOG! Such a thing can be clicked! Dude I was not regular on your blog earlier…………what a fool I have been all this time!

  2. Wow.. the pic is amazing. Pond by the farm house is wonderful too and it took me some time to actually believe it is not a part of some great artist’s imagination..
    You have done a great job in starting indiblogger which is the best site for bloggers which I have connected to. Thanks

  3. Dude…this shot reminds me of that scene from Mahabharat, where the war has ended on Day1, and the sun is setting..only to rise another day!!

    It is simply fabulous!

  4. It’s as if it’s waiting for a pebble to dive in. I can almost sense the ripples that’ll sashay onto the surface from the centre of the pond. It’s that real.

    I looked at it again after a while and it reminded me of this whole picture in my head when I had just begun to read the book of Genesis. The picture I am talking about was of one of the seven days when, according to Genesis, God created the Earth and put on it the most beautiful garden ever seen.

    This photograph evicts the picture I had in my head and takes its place!

  5. I thought I could read something new on the blog but no updates. Guess you must be too busy correcting rookie bloggers’ (like me) bloopers on indiforum! 🙂

    Thanks for promoting mypost Renie!

  6. Thank you again, I followed your link and what a pleasant surprise. Oh wowwwww, and Nagercoil! Ive been to the Muttom Lighthouse… such a rare place. Lovely blog here, gosh you inspire me

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