Time to redesign the keyboard?


No, redesign doesn’t mean making them “ergonomic”. Check out capsoff.org where you have a chance to win a million dollars for the best new keyboard layout. Read this inspiring bit from Pieter Hintjens’ blog:

The caps-lock key is just a convenience for an inconvenient problem from the past.

Sure, everyone hates change, but without change we’d all still be living in caves and hunting mammoths with big sticks. When Apple stopped delivering computers with floppy drives people said they couldn’t cope. Instead, those people discovered networks, email and USB sticks for moving data around. Now, no-one even considers the loss. The removal of the caps lock should be similar. If you really really REALLY can’t cope, you’ll still be able to get an “old-style” keyboard on the open market. Meanwhile, the masses will have moved on to the next step of keyboard evolution.

Exactly. Time for change. And it’s up to us to make it happen.

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