Those crazy home movies finally pay off

Metacafe recently announced a payment system for user contributed videos.

The payment system works like this. If you have a video on Metacafe that qualifies for the program, which generally means you own all the rights to it, you can get paid $5 for every thousand views you generate. This starts after your video reaches an initial of 20,000 views at which point you automatically gain $100. Say your video does well, a whole $1000 is yours when you hit 200,000 views and, when it becomes the next Internet fad with 2 million views, you could walk away with $10,000. That’s more than what YouTube pays you, folks.

Here’s the real bit of inspiration:

The most popular video on Metacafe. It’s got more than 4 million views so far, that’s $23,000 to the owner and creator. And what has Judson Laipply got besides the fame? Well let me tell you this, if that video was on Metacafe, he’d have got more than $160,000 for the video itself.

Read more about it here.

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