Google’s plans of world domination

Think about it. With the services that Google offers (beta or not) along with whatever future schemes they’ve got, this no-longer-a-search-engine company will soon have the world by the balls.

  • Search
    Getting the obvious out of the way first – Virtually everyone on the net uses Google for search. They have every webpage worth reading in their index. They not only link to webpages, but they also have a copy in the Google Cache. They know what the world wants like noone else.
  • Email
    With their 2 Gigs (and counting) of inbox space, conversations, and a plethora of other features, everyone I know has a Gmail ID. Hell, even my Mom’s on Gmail.
  • Corporate Email
    Why don’t corporates ever go for free email services like Yahoo!? Because having an email is much cooler. Google now offers use of Gmail, Google Talk, and other apps for use with your own domain. A whole lot of companies are already doing away with their crappy, unreliable email providers and switching to Gmail.
  • Blogs
    After buying out, half the world’s blogs are hosted with Google.
  • Social Networking
    After buying out Orkut, I hardly get any more spam from my friends at Hi5.
  • IM
    Goolge Talk is not very different from the other popular IMs, but it’s integration into Gmail’s interface makes it a winner. Google Talk archives conversations on Google’s servers instead of on the local hard drive. Has VoIP.
  • Desktop Search
    Need I explain? The internet is not enough. They want our hard drives! 🙂
  • Calendar
    Google Calendar. All our schedules, events and other important dates stored on their servers.
  • Library
    Google Print – “Our ultimate goal is to work with publishers and libraries to create a comprehensive, searchable, virtual card catalog of all books in all languages that helps users discover new books and publishers discover new readers.”
  • Notebooks
    We all research online, now Google gives us free scribbling pads. And a specialized search engine for scholars.
  • News
    All the latest news, across all categories, from all over the world. Picture this – you need to know of the recent cases of bird flu reported around the world. Now try this.
  • Google Map Search
    Need to get to that clients place real quick, but don’t want to tell him that your dog ate his business card? Get his address and driving directions. Only available in the US now. Damn I wish Google was an Indian Company.
  • Video
    Google Video lets you share your videos. Even the more intimate ones.
  • Shopping
    We’re froogled.
  • Payment Gateway
    Make your payments online via Google Checkout.
  • Google Earth
    It only gets better. “Google Earth combines satellite imagery, maps and the power of Google Search to put the world’s geographic information at your fingertips.” They also have Google Mars.
  • Office Suite
    There’s no doubt that there is going to be one. They already have a Word Processor, Spreadsheet, Web Page Editor, Database, Calendar, Email, Notes, translation, a picture manager/editor, 3D Modeler, financial manager, RSS news reader, and what looks like a programming environment in the making. I won’t be surprised if they turn their screensaver software into a presentation tool. Only thing missing is an internet connection, but they’re working on that as well. (Read below)
  • Internet Access
    Free internet access for the whole world. Hmm… why not?!
  • Discussion Groups
    Combined with Google various search tools and news alerts, this has amazing potential.
  • Online Advertising
    Using a combination of their search ads, Adwords and Adsense, Google has given advertisers the opportunity to target a highly select audience, and content owners a hassle-free method of making money.
  • Website Traffic Analysis
    This is free, and it’s not just another web counter. In fact, as you’re reading this, I have obtained your location right down to your neighbourhood, the company whcih owns your IP address, where you came from and how long you stayed. Come back after a year or so and I can probably tell you what you’re wearing.
  • Google Galaxy?
    Google has singed a deal with NASA.
  • Do you really need more? (Sigh!) Ok then.

Scary thought – If they really aren’t the good guys they claim to be, this company could demand an entire continent in return for switching their servers back on.

On the other hand – If there’s an ice age now, archeologists in the future just need to access Google’s servers to get a snapshot of everything on the planet, a copy of virtually every webpage on the internet, and what we were thinking at the time. If Google manages to index our DNA soon, the world can just start where we left off.

5 thoughts on “Google’s plans of world domination

  1. Ehm, maybe you are right and we wil be governed by a googlecracy soon. But I don’t mind that google reads my mail or knows that I like science philosophy and maths. They don’t know me, and they provide excellent service.

  2. Hi Renie,

    Great article!! I am Siva’s friend and know a bit about all you guys!! I am Google worshipper as you are and fortunately Google employee now….keep up the great work man.


  3. The last part is scary. I want to identify myself wit my DNA and not require a Google certification for it. I personally feel Google is the largest tracker on the planet which has subdued people to its whims. People realise this and still are behind it!

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