Google reader Vs. Wizz RSS

I hate having multiple applications open. So it’s either web-based, or a fireworks plugin. Checked out Google Reader today because they just redesigned it. The interface is great, finding new feeds is easier than any other RSS reader I’ve ever used. The option to share feeds is cool.

All the same, I’m going to stick with Wizz RSS for now, because it displays posts using the same design template as the original source. I check my gmail account every hour, I don’t need  my news reader to look the same.

7 thoughts on “Google reader Vs. Wizz RSS

  1. Dude, I have never used an RSS feed-reader before cause you never seem to have the satisfaction of reading the site as it was on the web….I do use Google reader, but after this, I did try Wizz….but is there some way that I can import an OPML file or atleast all the feeds that I have in Google reader….

  2. Yeah, but when I click on that link (have tried on both IE and Firefox), I get a new page that reads “”.. seems like and XML file…..any ideas how i can save that as an OPML or XML file……have tried the usual HTML way…no joy…

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