Google knows all


Trust Google not to let good information go to waste. Google Music Trends lists what the world is listening to, or atleast what users of Google Talk are listening to. You can sort by Genre as well as country, but only the US is available as of now. They do have a “Hindi” genre though. Interesting – Iron Maiden completely rules the heavy metal genre, with Hallowed Be Thy Name topping the list. Lovely.

3 thoughts on “Google knows all

  1. It’s not listen through Google talk dude – you play your music on Winamp or some player, and Google Talk displays it next to your name so other people will know what you’re listening to, just like Yahoo and MSN have had for ages…

    I never use this feature though – I’d rather not let everyone know what mood I’m in by checking out what I’m listening to…. caught Anoop listening to Britney for instance.

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