Best way to download youtube, metacafe & Google videos

I’ve been using the firefox extension Video Downloader for some time now. It stopped working on youtube for a while and so I went looking for a simpler alternative – and found one. Paste the url of any video you’re viewing into the search option on keepvid, and it throws up the direct link to the video file. Or better yet, drag this link to your bookmarks toolbar and hit it whenever you need to download a video. It’s in beta (of course) and currently works with:

Here’s a decent (and free) flv player to watch the videos after you download them. To convert .flv files to other video formats download Super. (Simplified Universal Player Encoder & Renderer)

2 thoughts on “Best way to download youtube, metacafe & Google videos

  1. Not quite sure of what you meant there…or if you got what I meant in the post. This isn’t to see the video online. This is to download the .flv to your computer…

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