Mumbai terror attack: Bollywood fearing loss of revenue?

I know… WTF? I was just reading this, and quite frankly it’s disturbing that there are actually people talking about, and reporting stuff like losses of revenue to freakin’ bollywood, even while the hostage crisis is still going on!!

Definitely, the attack will affect and it will last for a month. The loss of 20-25 per cent is expected this time, as the impact of blasts is huge. Last time after the Delhi serial blasts, we saw that audiences preferred to stay home despite big releases,” says Vishal Kapoor, CEO, Fun Cinemas.”

Mumbai bloggers, on the other hand have come together and shouted out on their blogs about this latest terror attack. Have a look here:

Mumbai bloggers speak out on the terror attacks>

5 thoughts on “Mumbai terror attack: Bollywood fearing loss of revenue?

  1. just think – if the terrorits had been Tamilians, we would have seen our TN polits holding hands, sending delegations and threatening the PM to stop the action against the terrorists inside The Taj and the Oberoi.

  2. People saying things like this in the middle of a crisis is really disgusting! So many people have lost their lives and family members..for what? It could have been any one of us …just out for a cup of coffee or attending a wedding reception at one of those hotels. People are talking about Indians from all the states collectively sending a message that ‘enough is enough’. Maybe you guys should start with your bloggers!!

  3. thats like terrible!!!! :O

    its like everyone busy with their own things….let them be but y in news???

    is there a whole new meaining invented for News in Indian English???

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