Still looking for that perfect HDR

I’ve been trying my hand at High Dynamic Range (HDR) images ever since I saw this slightly over the top one at Flickr. After many, many messed up attempts I’ve finally managed to get a few decent ones at Vellore last weekend:



If you aren’t familiar with HDR photography, you probably think these images were run through a hundred photoshop filters. Actually, HDRs are a result of combining three separate photographs of the same scene, but with different exposures. When the three images are combined, you get all the highlights and shadows in great detail. Click here to see the three original exposures of the Vellore fort, followed by the final HDR.

The trick with getting decent results is knowing how far to push the final output HDR. If you go too far, it would end up looking like this. I liked this shot on Flickr, think he/she got it just right. This night shot is nice as well. For some tutorials on taking HDRs, go here, here, here and here.

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