Power is beauty: The White Tiger

// June 16th, 2009 // Photography

This was another trippy trip with the Patels. We headed off one Sunday afternoon to the Vandalur zoo, and for once – all that walking was worth it cause it ended with this White Tiger putting on a great show for us!

Love those greenish-blue eyes!

I didn’t know these buggers liked leaves. Soon they’ll develop longer necks.

Yummy – humans! (I’m sure we’re not as tasty as he thinks we would be)

Now that’s a profile pic – I don’t know how he doesn’t bite that tongue with his own teeth. I can picture myself running for my life and the tiger thinking “relax dude, I was just yawning”.

I so wish we could have thrown a cute little deer in there and watched it be hunted down.

Rest of the pics on Flickr. A much more descriptive post about this trip  (including the battle of the apes) on Anwin’s blog.

14 Responses to “Power is beauty: The White Tiger”

  1. Anwin says:

    The bugger was beautiful dude. Next stop, Mysore zoo. What do you say?

  2. Renie Ravin says:

    Mysore sounds good man – this Saturday maybe?

  3. JOHM says:

    Awesome pictures Renster. I love Tigers. I do not like your idea about feeding it a cute deer. You ruthless bastard!

  4. That is really a mighty yawn!

  5. Ravi Matah says:

    These pictures are beautiful. Why dont you spare the deer and give feed him some Protinex instead?

  6. Silo says:

    Try denying ignorance and looking to see what that white tiger REALLY IS!

    It’s a FREAK – not a species.

    And the number of dead tiger cubs it takes to get ONE white tiger is sickening.

    And the number of white tiger cubs that are retarded and living in hell should wake you up to the truth.

    It’s digesting!

    Read more here!


  7. Sugandha says:

    hey amazing collection… loved it !!!
    happy blogging 🙂

  8. Anil Menon says:

    Excellent photos. Tigers are beautiful, but nerver seen them so stunning as in you pictures. Stunning!!

  9. Kshitij says:

    I hate photography. I really hate it…. It’s because everyone shows the same things… mountains, rivers, clouds, etc etc. But, I was quite hooked on to the pics you have here. Really liked them. Great show.

  10. Very nice depiction of power. Thanks for sharing.

  11. send white tiger pictures ,gabbon snake,dolphin pictures and interact

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