Music and Satan Worship


I just love the stuff on this website. Had me rolling on the floor and laughing. Don’t miss the satanic quotes by rock musicians and the page that describes how Beyonce is a child of Satan himself. Makes me think of the backwards message Iron Maiden put into “still life” as a joke. Reverse it and you hear drummer McBrain saying “Hmm, Hmmm, what ho sed de t’ing wid de t’ree bonce. Don’t meddle wid t’ings you don’t understand”, followed by a belch. 🙂

Incidentally, a few accidental 666 messages on Anwin’s Blog.

2 thoughts on “Music and Satan Worship

  1. oh mama!!!! this was one hell of a site..did u read the other links..the one about feminism etc???? this site author is mad!!!!!!

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