Is Google making the same mistakes that Microsoft made with IE?

For years now, users have been griping about Microsoft bundling their web browser with Windows. By doing so, users were never compelled to install a browser – why go about selecting the best one when my pc came with one installed? Microsoft was blamed for monopolizing the market, using the popularity of Windows to make Internet Explorer the dominant force.

Google does not have a product like Windows (yet!) but they do have their web properties which are used by millions of people. I was just surfing youtube, on the latest version of Opera and I saw this:

Google Monopoly

Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t they doing the same thing by nagging me when I surf one of their websites? Also, “new web browser”? Does that mean my browser is outdated?

The same message shows up in Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox.

Run, G.I. Joe, run!

This article by David Swanson on desertion in the US army is a must read. Excerpt:

As long as there has been a U.S. military, people have been leaving it. That choice has never been more appropriate than today. Individuals who signed up to defend the United States are engaged in a war that was sold on the basis of lies, was entirely unnecessary, is making us less safe, has nothing to do with defending anyone, and which involves the horror of slaughtering men, women, and children by the hundreds of thousands. The majority of Americans want the war to end and just voted accordingly in the Congressional elections. The majority of Iraqis want the war to end. The majority of American service men and women in Iraq want the war to end. And taking part in this war is illegal, whether you are ordered to do so or not.

Approximately 6,000 Americans have refused to report for duty or deserted in order to avoid taking part in this war, or to avoid taking further part in it. Many have objected to the stop loss program that requires them to serve longer than they had agreed to. Others have objected to the rationale behind the war and the horrors that are part of it.

Interestingly, the same article on Alternet says 8,000 Americans deserted instead of the 6,000 mentioned in the original article posted just 2 days earlier.

Yahoo hates Google

Do a search for the term Google using Yahoo! Search and you’ll see a special search box on top of the results labelled “Search the Web with Yahoo!”. They’re singling out Google for this treatment, as a search for MSN or Altavista will show you.

Google hasn’t returned the favor, which I’m sure they won’t.

[ Edit – The special search box has been removed. Guess they’re friends now. ]

Was Jesus Christ black?

Does it really matter? Apparently there’s a lot of noise about the upcoming movie “Color of the Cross“. Less people less Idiots says it all here:

I’ve heard so many Christians say how tolerant we are in this country when faced with offenses towards Christianity, and how completely intolerant Muslims are when they are confronted with the same situation. Why is it then that any time a movie comes out that in some way attempts to deal with the story of Christ that such a massive ruckus occurs? Is this a case of a director calling Jesus black, or the pot calling the kettle black?

Then there’s the issue of why does this really matter to anyone, and why 2000 years later there would be such a stir over his skin color. Jesus transcended race, and his teachings were left for all people of all races to largely sit back and ignore. So as far as I am concerned, no matter which side of the argument you may fall on in this matter, an obsession regarding Christ skin color, only serves to prove that the person obsessing over it is dealing with some serious personal prejudices.

Boost your traffic with…


The shit people come up with.

“Earth is the layout, fire is the color, air is the HTML, space is name of the Website, and water is the font and graphics,” says Narang, adding that each must be chosen carefully and strike a balance with the other.

Narang, a Vaastu expert who has spent four years analyzing around 500 sites, says a Website that is not designed according to Vaastu rules will have few hits and will negatively affect the business.

Yeah. Right. Need to make sure my navigation bars face east and my flash banners are in the NE corner from now on.

Bugs in the code (Beta Version)


Have you noticed that everything new on the web seems to have a “beta” affixed to it? It’s getting tiring. According to Wikipedia – “A beta version or beta release usually represents the first version of a computer program that implements all features in the initial software requirements specification. It is likely to be unstable but useful for internal demonstrations and previews to select customers, but not yet ready for release.”

That makes sense, but labelling everything as beta just because you don’t want to take responsibility for the bugs you’ve left in it? I say quit the beta tag and start developing software without the damn bugs/compatibility issues.

Music and Satan Worship


I just love the stuff on this website. Had me rolling on the floor and laughing. Don’t miss the satanic quotes by rock musicians and the page that describes how Beyonce is a child of Satan himself. Makes me think of the backwards message Iron Maiden put into “still life” as a joke. Reverse it and you hear drummer McBrain saying “Hmm, Hmmm, what ho sed de t’ing wid de t’ree bonce. Don’t meddle wid t’ings you don’t understand”, followed by a belch. 🙂

Incidentally, a few accidental 666 messages on Anwin’s Blog.