Unidentified Flying/Crashing Object

Took this picture at 6:39 AM – no idea what it was (meteor?), but it looked pretty spectacular through binoculars. It was visible for a good ten minutes before the Sun got too bright.

Update: I’ve uploaded the original pictures with exif data, including a zoomed-out version for perspective. 23-29 in the series are almost identical shots.

GPS coordinates, if it helps: 12.981133, 80.259994








DSC_0030_circled.JPG (Zoomed out)


Another Kingfisher Blogger Meet at Bangalore

The last time we had a Kingfisher IndiBlogger Meet was when Iron Maiden came down to Bangalore. The theme of course, was Heavy Metal and it was held at Stones Pub at Indira Nagar. We pretty much owned the place, with around 40 bloggers belting out Maiden numbers and downing the beers like there was no tomorrow.

This time we’re going to try something different – a regular IndiBlogger meet, with the usual blogging agenda + the Kingfisher beer. I foresee 3 hours of utter chaos. 🙂

The response for this blogger meet has been one of the highest, all 100 seats were taken up the same day of the announcement. Thanks to our venue sponsor Kyra, we got more seats – looks like this is going to be the biggest & loudest IndiBlogger meet yet!

Kingfisher IndiBlogger Bangalore Blogger Meet >

Vote and help put 40,000 Indian kids in school for a year

One of India’s most trusted and credible NGOs, GiveIndia is taking part in a competition on Facebook to win a US$1 million grant. The winner will be the NGO that gets the highest number of votes from Facebook users. The prize of $1 million will help put or keep 40,000 children across India in school for one year.

I guess I finally found a use for all those friends on Facebook. 🙂


What’s really sad at this point is despite our population, we are in the 65th position. Hopefully bloggers can make a difference. Do vote and spread the word: